10 Random Things We Love Doing Together

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Brace yourselves. This is another cheesy post. πŸ˜› I just realised that while I had quite huge expectations for relationships before – the romantic dates, travels and what not – being with my love made me appreciate the little things as much as the big ones. In fact, I enjoy the every day things we do together more than the flashy dates.

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10 Items that Never Go Zero in Our Pantry

-Teamwork is the beauty of basketball. Five people working as one. You become selfless.- Mike Krzyzewski

I warned you, we love food in this side of town. πŸ˜› And since I owe you a food post and because I just organised our mini pantry over the weekend, I’ll share withΒ  you the tenΒ  items that never go zero in our stash:

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10 Song Lines That Perfectly Fit the State of My Heart

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Corey Blaz

Being a musician, I’ve always loved listening to different songs. I don’t really mind music genres a lot because for me, when a song is good, it’s good, whether it’s Rock or Jazz. I am also very particular about lyrics because they can breathe life to a song even if it has a very simple melody. And let’s face it, great song lines can easily pierce through the heart and bring about even the emotions that you try so hard to hide.

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10 Facts About a Girl Named Jane

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Let’s get to know each other a bit more, shall we? πŸ™‚

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