The Five Times The Late Late Show With James Corden Made My Day



I love James Corden! He’s so funny, real and the guy can sing! If you haven’t watched his show The Late Late Show with James Corden yet, you’re missing half of your life. Whether I’m bored, down or just want to let loose a bit, I watch his show.

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10 Instagram Babies I Absolutely Love

T i d a l R i s e (8)

Okay, that was a very long hiatus. Life got a lot busier and I barely have enough time to sit down and actually blog. AND yes, it’s already December! Where did all that time go? But hey, let’s put the past behind us, shall we? Firstly, I changed my blog’s layout because I wanted a more modern and clean look. I hope you like it too! Secondly, I already found an online planner that will hopefully keep me on track, blogging-wise. And of course, my first comeback post will be all about BABIES! Well, some of these cuties are already toddlers but they’re just sooo cute I had to include them on this list.

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