Wandering Through This Grand Adventure Called Life




Her name is Dora Lou Jane, a 20-something wanderer who’s trying to find her place in this great big world. A nurse by profession but now works as a writer, she loves music, art, basketball, travel and food.

She is a water baby who’s been through several sunburns for the sake of her love for the beach. She dreams of swimming in the blue waters of the Maldives and experience the pristine beaches of Phuket, Bali and Bora-Bora among others.

She is a born-traveller who gets giddy over booking tickets, finding hotels and putting together itineraries. She’s travelled before she turned one and has been to many great places throughout her years of existence. She hopes to visit Los Angeles, Paris, New York and Japan soon.

She is an art and craft enthusiast who draws, sketches dresses and does typography and lettering. She considers herself a neophyte, however, who finds ways to improve at the craft.

She is a musician who plays the piano and guitar. She writes songs when inspiration strikes and loves well-written, passion-laden songs. She listens to most musical genres but considers the music of David Foster, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Brian Mcknight and Tom Fletcher her absolute favourites.

She is in love with basketball although she only watches from the sidelines. She’s fond of watching games and learning about different plays, not to mention her love for basketball shoes.

She is happy with the love of her life and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but with him. They love to try out new food spots, go on spontaneous drives to the highest point of the city, watch movies, cook different dishes and share snuggles-a lot of snuggles every single day.

Now, she embarks on this new journey called motherhood as she prepares to welcome her prince, Liam Kaeden. She is nothing but excited about this new chapter in her life and wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Her name is Jane and she welcomes you to her little place filled with wanders, wonders and everything else in between.


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