Life with Liam: The First Photo Shoot


I know all Moms will agree that you can never take enough photographs of your baby. In fact, my memory card is already screaming but I just can’t help but take as many photos as I can of Liam while he is growing up because I don’t want to miss a moment.

While I was pregnant, I already planned on having his photos taken by a professional photographer while he is growing up and one random afternoon while I was planning his baptism, I came up with the idea of a photo shoot that will capture Liam as a one month old baby. And since my sister is a model and beauty queen, I asked her to help me find a good newborn photographer and he recommended Sir Ryan Ruiz, her good friend and photographer during beauty pageants.

We decided on doing the shoot at home where Liam is comfortable and Sir Ryan was kind enough to bring his equipment here. Since I was planning on using some of the photos for Liam’s baptism, which had the theme Le Petit Prince, I wanted to capture him wearing a crown and holding a rose. I also looked at Pinterest and found some very cute photographs of babies sleeping inside baskets and wearing nothing but their diapers. So, I bought a huge basket in Bohol Trading and luckily, Mom had enough white curtains and a huge beach towel to be used as props for the shoot. Yay for savings!

Shooting a newborn is far from easy. Those photos on Pinterest make it look easy but when you’re dealing with a one month old baby who needs to feed every two hours and doesn’t want his sleep to be interrupted, you really have a challenge in your hands. It was three hours of shooting, feeding the baby, calming him down, changing outfits and letting him sleep and I am glad that Sir Ryan and his wife were very patient, understanding and game through it all. That’s why I highly recommend Sir Ryan if you want to capture your little ones because he’s really good and very accommodating. Just message me and I’ll get you connected with him.

The photos came out just the way I wanted them. Oh, my little prince is just so adorable. I love you baby!



















Here are a couple of behind the scene shots I took during the shoot in our house:

My sleepy little prince.
Sleeping soundly.


Posing like a real pro.
He was so game in front of the camera. Here with his Mamita-slash-PA. Hahaha



…and his model Tita Marianne became a PA too. πŸ˜€









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