Pinky to Mommy: Shopping for Baby



If you’ve been following my blog or social media accounts, you already know that we are having a baby girl! 🙂 I was asked so frequently before what I wanted to have and although I would say that I am okay with whatever the Lord blesses us with, I’ve always had this secret wish of having a baby girl. So when I found out that the little one is a girl, I was beyond excited!

I wanted to start shopping for the baby’s stuff as early as after I found out I was pregnant but since there is an old Filipino tradition of not buying anything until you’re six months on the way, I had to keep myself away from the baby’s section of department stores and boutiques. IT WAS SO HARD because there are a lot of adorable things that I just want to get for my baby.

Finding out the baby’s gender was actually a looong and thrilling process (I will share the story later) so when we finally knew that she was a girl during my sixth month checkup, I was more than ready to start shopping. And being the OCD me, I wanted to make sure that everything was done properly. Here are some tricks that I learned and I hope they will help other first-time Moms like me too:


1. Do your homework.

I basically waited five months to start shopping for my baby’s stuff and although I got tempted so many times to buy a thing or two, I chose to wait – and it was worth it. To keep me busy, I did my homework and researched about the things I needed to know before shopping for the baby’s stuff. Although there is no right or wrong way in baby shopping, it was really useful for me to know the basics like what I do and don’t need.


2. Register with a loyalty card.

One of the first things I did was register for a Mom Card at Baby Company. It’s like an SM Advantage Card but with special perks for Moms. The card is valid for three years and during that time, you’ll get Php1.00 for every Php100.00 you buy from Baby Company or SM Department Store’s Baby Section. You’ll also get Php1.00 for every Php200.00 you buy from other SM affiliated stores. Having a Mom Card also lets you take advantage of special discounts and you’ll receive text alerts for special sales and events for Moms that Baby Company regularly organises.


3. Create a checklist.

This might be an overused tip but really, when you’re faced with an entire store filled with adorable baby stuff, you’ll need to have a checklist to keep your thoughts straight. When I registered for my Mom Card, they gave me a Baby Shopping Checklist, which was cool because it had most, if not all of the basic things I needed for the baby. I narrowed down the list to those that I really needed and focused on them. Believe me, having a checklist will save you from buying unnecessary things, not to mention keep your pocket happy.


4. Come up with a game plan.

Trust me, you will not enjoy walking for hours when you’re heavily pregnant, which is why it pays to have a game plan ready. Before I shopped, I scouted several stores to find out what they do and don’t have that’s in my list. I ended up choosing SM Department Store because everything is in one floor and I didn’t need to walk a lot to buy the things I needed. I visited the store several times before I shopped to get an idea of the products and where they’re placed. It made the actual shopping a lot easier because I already knew what I wanted to get. Oh, and don’t shop with an empty stomach because you’ll only end up making bad decisions.


5. Take your time.

Shopping for the baby’s stuff was one of the things I looked forward to and the thought kept me going through the vomiting, nausea and body pains. So, I really took my time and enjoyed the process. I had a lot of fun picking the baby’s things and was very happy with all my purchases.


Additional tip: You can skip this part but I just wanted to share that after I shopped, I took the time to check my purchases, made a list and took pictures before I kept them in storage boxes so I know what I already have, especially her clothes and use them as reference when I shop for additional stuff. I know that I’m very OCD but it works for me and it could be helpful for you too. 🙂


After my shopping trip, I treated myself to a foot spa and pedicure because my feet were so sore and I think I deserved it for a job well done! Haha

Hey Mommies, do you have additional tricks to share? Feel free to comment!



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