Pinky to Mommy: My Angel Sounds Doppler


I have to admit, I am a “praning” pregnant woman, but I guess that can be justified. Growing a human being that you prayed so hard for is no easy job and for someone like me who has no experience at it, the OCD instantly kicks in and I want to make sure that at least I’m doing most of the things right.

When I found out that I am pregnant with our little love, I immediately bought a book and started reading to know more about pregnancy. Yes, I studied Maternal and Child Nursing for a good semester and I must say that it served as a good backbone for me, as I’m already not as alien with terminologies, concepts and procedures. I still felt, however, that I still lack knowledge in the preggo department and being the curious Gemini that I am, I had to start my research.

Reading online forums, I discovered that one of the most common things that mom-to-bes like me worry about is how the little pea is doing inside the tummy. Believe me (and I know Moms can relate to this), when you’re pregnant, you become so observant about everything that’s happening in and outside your body. Even the tiniest hint of pain, discomfort or itch can already make me worry because what if it affects my baby or what if something is wrong?

My Mom eventually told me not to read too much because it will only add to my anxiety and she was right. Since each pregnancy is unique, one woman’s experience doesn’t necessarily apply to me. But since I still have bouts of anxiety every now and then, I decided to invest in my own Doppler so I can check on my baby’s heartbeat.

I started searching for options online but most of the products available are either of bad quality or very expensive. I know a Doppler would be a good investment but I wasn’t really keen on shelling out Php5000.00 or more for it when I could spend the money on stuff that my baby will actually use. I was about to forget the idea when I browsed on Lazada and found out that they sell Dopplers. And the best part is, they were on sale!

There was a catch though – I was honestly hesitant on ordering at Lazada because of my bad experience with them, which I blogged about here. But I also knew that if I let this offer pass, it might not happen again so I took the plunge and ordered the Angel Sounds Mini Doppler and I am very happy with my decision. Here’s why:

I love the design. The Doppler looks very cute with its white and pink colour scheme and the shape looks great too (like an Easter egg or I’m just weird). 😛 I also love the fact that it’s compact and I can take it with me anywhere.

It works properly. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous when I first tried the Doppler because there is a chance that it might not function properly, which is usually the risk when you buy online (and based on my previous experience). I am glad, however, that my Doppler worked properly. The product arrived in a nice box and includes the Doppler, earphones and a port that I could connect to my phone, speaker or tablet and record my baby’s heartbeat. It also comes with a manual that I can refer to. I’ve been using my Doppler every day for more than a month now and I have no problems with it at all.

It makes me listen (and marvel) at my little one’s heartbeat. Being a musician, I’ve heard some really good music in my life and in fact, I can be very picky with what I want to hear. But hearing my baby’s heartbeat for the first time is like no other! It was honestly THE BEST sound I’ve ever heard in my life. Just the thought that a tiny human being’s heart is beating inside of me is just more than magical. There really are no words to explain how amazing I feel every time I hear my baby’s heartbeat. Thanks to my Doppler, I can check on the little one every morning. 🙂

I must say that investing in an Angel Sounds Doppler is definitely worth it because you don’t only get to have peace of mind knowing that you can check on your baby any time, you also get to savor that sweet little sound whenever and wherever you want to. It has been my morning ritual to check on my baby the moment I wake up and I am loving it.


P.S: Lazada has redeemed itself because of the early delivery and the good quality of the product that I bought from them. I hope I don’t have any more bad experiences moving forward. 🙂


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