Dear Lazada, Let’s Talk About Customer Satisfaction

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I have been on a very long hiatus, I know, and it’s because I am extremely busy at the moment. There’s the usual routine – work, running a household and running errands – and of course, the constant visits to the doctor (I am perfectly fine, don’t worry!) and the headaches that keep hounding me have been added to my already busy life. But let’s not talk about me for a second here but let’s focus on my recent experience with what I thought was a very reliable website – Lazada.

I’ve been hearing about Lazada for months now and it’s been popping on my screen every time I browse the internet. I also had several friends who tried buying their products and got good feedback from them, so finally, I decided to check out their website.

First impression: they have a lot of products and you’ll easily get excited to browse through what they have to offer. Of course, I did and I found some great items that I wanted to buy. But since I am not really a fan of online shopping (I prefer to see the item I’m buying), I never really pushed through with my purchases – well not until a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, our very old television decided to rest in peace already and since we had an extra computer monitor at home, we decided, why not turn this one into our television instead? Of course, it was an economical choice because instead of spending a huge sum of money on a new flat screen television, all we had to do was buy a TV Tuner or TV Box as some would call it to convert the monitor to a television. And so we started our search.

We scoured almost all of the stores in SM and Ayala looking for a TV Tuner but it was either discontinued or out of stock. We waited for another week, tried looking for it in other stores but we didn’t find any. Then, I finally remembered Lazada. Yes, why not look for it in Lazada? So, I did and voila! they have not only one but several types of TV Tuners. We were counting our lucky stars.

I decided to order the KWORLD SA1000-2048EX EXTERNAL TV BOX because the Bubby said it had good specs from the description provided in the site. It was on sale for Php1500.00 that time so I got excited. Unfortunately, on the day that I was supposed to order it, the item was out of stock so I waited for another week. The product was still not available though and we already wanted to have our monitor working so we can watch our favourite teleseryes again. So, I looked for other options and found the NIKOW LCD TV BOX for Php1300.00 in Lazada still. Since I was afraid that this item would go out of stock too (it said there was only one item left), I ordered it right away. It was June 29, 2015 at around 11:00AM.

I received an email and text from Lazada confirming my order and I found that service great. Later in the afternoon, I decided to check the status of my order through their website, which I also found to be very convenient. It said that my order was already being packed and ready for shipment! My, I was ecstatic! I constantly checked their order tracker in the following days and on July 1, it finally said that my order has already been shipped through Lazada Express and will reach me soon. Yay! We got so excited and expected for the item to be delivered the next day or two – but we didn’t receive it then. I realised, maybe deliveries are delayed because of the typhoon so we waited for a couple more days. When July 6 came and I still didn’t receive my delivery, I decided to email Lazada and they were quick to respond that they’ve already contacted their shipper and my item would be delivered any minute within that day. And it did. I finally received my order on the afternoon of July 6. Yay!

Of course, I got excited. I mean, we waited for more than a week for this product to arrive and we were more ecstatic at the thought that we would finally be able to use our monitor as a television. We were wrong.


I immediately opened the package and right then, I felt very suspicious about it. I couldn’t see any NIKOW brand name in the box. All it said was EXTERNAL TV BOX and the box was something that you would see on those stalls where fake products are sold. I got nervous. But since I trusted Lazada’s credibility enough, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and erased my suspicions. I opened the box and found a small TV box that looked like a modem, some cables and a manual. I felt better. Since I had the product delivered in the office, I immediately went home that night so we can already install the TV box.

We thought it was easy, really. You just need to install those wires and you’re good to go. We were wrong. The manual that came with the product was in two languages – Chinese and English – and the English part was probably a rough or literal translation of the Chinese version, and it was done very poorly. We spent the rest of that night trying to figure out how to make the TV tuner work. We even went close to arguing but the Bubby decided that it wasn’t worth fighting about and it could wait another day. So, we watched a movie from my tablet and enjoyed the rest of the night.

The next day, we decided to give the TV tuner another try. We tried to decipher the manual (which was really hard to do) and did trial and error because we had no choice. After hours of doing so, it finally worked! There was good reception and we could watch several channels, so I figured yes, my suspicions were wrong. But two weeks after, it turned out I was right.

We were watching television when the TV Tuner just suddenly turned off and wouldn’t turn on again. The Bubby tried troubleshooting it but to no avail. We were beyond disappointed. Imagine paying Php1300.00 for something that you would only use for two weeks. I mean, it may not be a lot of money for some people but we worked hard for it and we saved up for that product. Most of all, we trusted Lazada with our money in the hopes that they would give us the best product that they have. So, I emailed Lazada.

I ordered a Nikow LCD TV Box (Black) last June 29, 2015 with order number 301184411. It was delivered last July 6, 2015, 8 days after I ordered it. Although it took longer than expected, I didn’t really mind because I was just excited about using the TV Box. When I opened the package, I was a bit skeptical because it had no NIKOW brand on the box but I gave the product the benefit of the doubt. I had a tough time installing the product because the manual wasn’t clear and was probably just translated from Chinese, which was done poorly. It worked properly though and I was happy with it but not until yesterday when it just stopped working and wouldn’t turn on anymore. When I looked at the form included in the package, it says that I only had 7 days to return it. In the product link, however,, you will see that there is a one-month product warranty in there. I spent PhP1300.00 for this product and was expecting to get a good quality product from it and trusted Lazada to deliver it for me. But now, I am very disappointed with the low quality product that was given to me and would want to have it repaired or replaced because I spent a good sum of money on it. I hope you could address my issue right away because I am one very dissapointed customer here.

After a few hours, Lazada through a representative named Shylla responded:

Dear …,

We appreciate your patience waiting for our response. Our Partner Support Team have advised that the Service Center for the item is located at 4/F Farmers Plaza, Quezon City. However, you can just send it to Lazada office and we will help you transfer it to the Warranty Center.

If you are going to return the item, just make sure that the item is returned with the complete package, together with the sales invoice, filled-out return form (, and all inclusive accessories or freebies. Kindly indicate on the return form that you are availing for the warranty.

For more information about Lazada, please refer to our Help Center page at

Best regards,

Shylla | Customer Service |

Since I know that having the product “repaired” wouldn’t guarantee that I wouldn’t have any problems with it anymore because first of all, the product is of poor quality, I asked if I could just get a refund instead. This was her response:

Dear …,

We understand that you want to have a refund for the item, however, we cannot guarantee that we can proceed with the request, since the item is beyond the return time frame. We can request to have the item repaired. If in any case it will not be repaired, it is highly possible that the merchant will just process a replacement for it.

I figured, oh what a bummer. And since I was already very frustrated, I responded:

The thing with having the product repaired is, there is a good chance that it will be damaged again because it’s of very poor quality in the first place. Moreover, I cannot guarantee that the product would be returned to me right away, which is an additional inconvenience because I NEED the item. If you can’t give me my money back, I would like to have the item replaced right away. I’ve given this product the benefit of the doubt since I received it because I trusted your company. It turns out, I made the wrong decision and it is very disappointing, to say the least.

Dear …,

If this is the case, we highly recommend for you to indicate on the return form your preference to have a refund, so our Returns Team can see it upon receiving the item. For now, we need for the item to be returned so it can be forwarded to the supplier. The supplier or the merchant will have the final disposition for it.

So, now she’s kind of saying that I should just indicate that I want a refund on the form when she already told me that I can’t have a refund anymore. She must really think I’m stupid. So, I answered:

If I’m not mistaken, you already told me that I cannot take advantage of a refund because ” the item is beyond the return time frame.” I just want a replacement for my item because this has already caused me so much inconvenience. What turnaround time can you give me for that?

Dear …,

Upon receiving the item, it will be forwarded directly to the merchant and servicing will take 1-4 weeks. But if the item is subjected for replacement and not for service warranty, the turnaround time is 1-7 business days.

Does it really take that long to have such a small product serviced? I mean, I know I’m not the only customer they have but really, 1-4 weeks without a TV Tuner that you hoped you could’ve enjoyed by now is BEYOND FRUSTRATING. I was already at my boiling point at this time so I told them that I wouldn’t return the product anymore and just write about this experience so at least people will know about it. The same representative replied:

Dear …,

We understand how frustrating this is for you. We have provided all the information you needed regarding on the availing warranty for the item. If you were able to return the item on the provided return time frame, there should be no problem processing the refund. We aim to satisfy our customers at any way but please do understand that for every company there are set rules and process that we need to follow.

So, it’s like she was telling me that I should’ve returned the product earlier and before I even experienced any problems with it so I can avail of a refund? How silly. The Bubby and I decided to not return the product anymore since waiting for it to be repaired, serviced or whatever would only add to our frustration. Most of all, I never want to deal with Lazada ever again.

I know I’m not the only one who had a bad experience with Lazada. Although I dismissed all the bad reviews I read about the company before, I now believe that they’re all true. I also had a friend who bought a set of non-stick pans with them only to never use the product because they rusted right away. How’s that for disappointing? My point here is:

  1. Never sell low quality products (even fake ones) for a higher price because you know what, WE WORK HARD FOR OUR MONEY. We don’t just go around picking those bills in the streets.
  2. Stop fooling your customers with those deals because sure, you’ll get us to buy your products but will your company last long with a lot of disappointed customers? I don’t think so and I don’t even know how you can take the fact that you’re earning money the wrong way.
  3. Be consistent with your prices. I bought the NIKOW TV Tuner at Php1300.00 and a week after it was already Php1600.00 ( Oh, and what is this product that you’re selling for Php1800.00 ( that LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME as the product I bought?
  4. Keep your inventories updated because I noticed that you put an item out of stock and in the next hour, you’ll say that there’s only one item left. But a few hours later and after I immediately bought your product because there was only 1 ITEM LEFT, it says that you have it in stock again. Are you really telling the truth?
  5. Remember that one unhappy customer can lead to many others walking out of your company. My biggest mistake? I TRUSTED YOUR COMPANY with the first item I bought online – and YOU DISAPPOINTED ME.

After this bad experience, I don’t know if I will ever shop online again. I mean, I know there are a lot of good online sellers there but Lazada just made me think twice about ever buying online again.

I am writing this because I don’t want other people to go through the same bad experience I had. Sure, there were a lucky few who got a great experience with the products they bought but if you were to ask me if I would recommend Lazada, you know I’ll answer NEVER.

Yes Lazada, I am one very unhappy customer and I’ll tell the world about it. Thank you very much.


3 thoughts on “Dear Lazada, Let’s Talk About Customer Satisfaction

    1. Yung warehouse nila for packaging and shipping lang yun ng mga items. Makikita nyo sa bawat page ng items iba iba seller. Hanap kayo ng matinong seller na may feedback para iwas hassle.


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