10 Things Every Girl Who Loves a Basketball Player (or Fan) Can Relate To


Photo Credit: Amir Fazlic

I know, I know. It has been a while since I last posted something here and I sincerely apologise. Anyway, here I am with my first official post as a 28-year old. Wow. I am still getting used to saying that.

I love basketball although I cannot shoot a ball to save my life. πŸ˜› So maybe it wasn’t really surprising that I fell in love with someone who’s not only passionate about the sport but also good at playing it. And I believe, every girl out there would agree that loving a basketball player can be quite a ride. πŸ˜€ Here are ten things you can totally relate to if you love one:


1. No dates on basketball game schedules because he needs to watch his favourite team play. Mine happens to be a huge Ginebra and Cleveland Cavaliers fan so I make sure that we have their game schedules in check to avoid date night conflicts that could easily result to bad feelings. hahaha

2. He talks about basketball endlessly and relates almost everything in life to basketball. Good thing, I am also a huge basketball fan so we’re kind of in the same zone. πŸ˜€

3. A LOT of visits to the Nike store (or Adidas) depending on what brand his favourite basketball player endorses. Mine obviously loves Nike because of Lebron James, so we talk a lot about shoe releases, new jerseys, shorts, socks and what not. Now if you’re like me who wants to be updated with the things that your partner loves, subscribe to his favourite store. Thank you Footlocker for always updating me through e-mail. #Fifey plus points. hahaha

4. He needs his basketball time. Mine usually plays basketball on Friday and Saturday nights so I let him have his “man time” during those days. I go with him at times and especially if it’s an important game but I usually stay at home and prepare dinner because I know he’ll be hungry after a game.

5. A collection of jerseys. The #bubby collects jerseys from his favourite players and he also accumulated several uniforms from playing for different teams. So yes, I am used to a lot of them in my vicinity. hehehe


6. You are his number one cheerleader so focus on him. He once told me that I only spent my time checking my phone or tablet when I tagged along for his games. I was actually paying attention to him but wasn’t really clapping or cheering. But now that I realised how much it means to him for me to be fully present in his games, I always make sure to give my full attention whenever he plays. Save the Candy Crush for later. hehehe

7. He will have “off nights” and he will get frustrated. The #bubby usually gets frustrated when he can’t nail his usual treys and he becomes very emotional right after. So, I let him vent, make sure he doesn’t get annoyed at me and prepare a good meal for him. Never pick a fight when your partner is frustrated. NEVER. hahaha

8. He would want to play basketball with you. I may have good basketball IQ but I am a very bad shooter.:P But that doesn’t stop me from shooting some hoops with him pre-game or help him warm up or stretch. These moments are really precious for him because it means that I support him not only from the sidelines but also on the court. #choz

9. Get ready for the winning highs because they’re fun. Whether he wins or his favourite team does, he is over the moon and I make sure to join in the celebration. Free burgers and ice cream ain’t bad anyway.

10. He loves you more than basketball because it’s how things should be. hahaha Seriously, he really loves the sport and I support him 100%. Sure, there are times when I would get jealous of basketball but it’s just how he is when he is passionate about something and I know he loves me more than he loves Lebron, his shoes and the game.:D Am I right, love? hehehe

What’s your story? Feel free to share your thoughts! πŸ™‚


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