10 Random Things We Love Doing Together

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Brace yourselves. This is another cheesy post. πŸ˜› I just realised that while I had quite huge expectations for relationships before – the romantic dates, travels and what not – being with my love made me appreciate the little things as much as the big ones. In fact, I enjoy the every day things we do together more than the flashy dates.

Don’t get me wrong here. As a girl, I still dream about romantic dinner dates and grand gestures, but these ten things also bring me so much joy, maybe because I do them with the love of my life:

1. Eat dinner.Β Okay, this may sound like a very normal thing for some, but for someone like me who ate most of her dinners by herself for almost four years, sharing a meal with someone is actually quite refreshing. We love food, no doubt about that, but the act of sitting side by side, eating and catching up on our day is really one of the things I love the most.

2. Watch teleseryes.Β So, Forevermore aka one of our favourite teleseryes just ended and yes, meron ngang forever! #Xagnessforever. Ever since we got together, we developed this habit of watching teleseryes every night. In fact, we love several shows like Two Wives, Forevermore and now, Bridges of Love, his favourite. hahaha There are also times when one of us would get so hooked up in a scene – think me kind of getting into the fight between Yvonne and Janine hahaha – and the other one laughs so hard about it. πŸ˜€ He even tells me to stop being so emotional sometimes because I sort of relate my life to these teleseryes. #FeelingMia hahaha

3. Watch basketball.Β Perhaps one of the things that brought us together is our common love for basketball. And what happens when two basketball fanatics watch a game in one room? Chaos. hahaha We support opposing teams in the PBA – he roots for Ginebra while I cheer for Talk N’ Text, of course – but we do have the same favourite team in the NBA, which is the Cleveland Cavaliers (hello, Lebron all the way!) so that makes things a little easier. hehehe I honestly believe that we can pass as commentators at any given day because of our exchanges during basketball games. We can comment on players, playing styles, shooting percentages, coaches and what not. Yes, we love basketball and he says he’s glad to have someone who can totally relate to him when it comes to the sport that he loves. Ganda point for me – just kidding. hahaha

4. Brush our teeth.Β Okay, this one’s pretty symbolic for us. hehehe I can still remember the first time he slept at my house. The first thing he told me was, “Oh my, I don’t have a toothbrush” because it was supposed to be an unplanned sleepover (although I knew he planned it hahaha :P). Good thing, I had a stock for when guests would come over so I gave him one. A few days after that, I bought him a new toothbrush that matched mine and we had the practice of having matching brushes ever since. Brushing our teeth is part of our ritual before going to bed and I’ll never get tired of doing it with him even if we don’t have teeth anymore. hehehe

5. Watch movies.We love to watch movies. In fact, we saw a movie for our first official date. hehehe But since our hectic work schedules don’t permit us to go to the mall to see movie regularly, we usually watch from a movie house that’s near our place or he downloads them and we watch at home. Well, my love usually falls asleep while watching movies (he even snored inside the theatre while we were watching Avengers: Age of Ultron hahaha) but it’s still one of our favourite relaxation activities. hehehe So relaxing right, love? πŸ˜›

6. Eat out.Β How many times have I talked about food in this blog? hahaha But really, my love and I are big fans of eating out (prima facie evidence: weight gain). We’ve tried different food spots around the city (which I still owe you a blog post of) but there are some that we love to go back to every now and then (I smell the sinigang AA’s Barbeque). hehehe

7. Get a massage.Β I wasn’t really a fan of massage before because I found it too uncomfortable to have someone rub my body. hehehe There was this one time though when my love wanted to get a massage to help him recover from muscle pains brought about by playing basketball. And since I didn’t want to wait for two hours with nothing to do, I decided to get a full body massage myself. It was my first time and it turned out really well (thank you Evelyn of Body and Sole IT Park). Now, we try to get a massage at least every few weeks and consider it as one of our dates.

8. Eat ice cream.Β I know, I know, this involves food again but I can never put too much emphasis on our love for food. hehehe We’re lucky to live near a 7 Eleven Convenience Store so it’s easy for us to buy ice cream whenever we want something cold and sweet for dessert. And with the growing pile of empty ice cream tubs that we have at home, we can’t deny our love for this sweet treat.

9. Sleep.Β And I mean literally, sleep. hahaha We’re usually so tired at the end of the day because of work so we prefer to stay in most of the time, watch a movie, eat dinner and talk until we fall asleep. Well, most of the time, he falls asleep while I’m still talking. hehehe I really love having him beside me although he takes up 3/4 of the bed, most of the pillows and snores a lot. Love is deaf, yes! hahaha

10. Cuddle.Β We are clingy people, that’s for sure, and we love to cuddle a lot. One of us gets annoyed by the other one’s clinginess sometimes but we love it most of the time anyway. hehehe One thing’s for sure though, I’ll never get tired of those big, fluffy arms. πŸ˜›

There you have it. πŸ™‚ Forgive me for some errors on this one because I have quite a packed schedule that I don’t have time to really edit it thoroughly. Anyway, what about you? What are the things that you usually love to do with your other half? I’d love to hear from you. πŸ™‚


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