10 Items that Never Go Zero in Our Pantry

-Teamwork is the beauty of basketball. Five people working as one. You become selfless.- Mike Krzyzewski

I warned you, we love food in this side of town. 😛 And since I owe you a food post and because I just organised our mini pantry over the weekend, I’ll share with  you the ten  items that never go zero in our stash:

1. V-Cut Potato Chips. My love can’t get enough of these chips, especially the spicy barbeque flavour. He can devour an entire bag in a few minutes so I make sure that our chips box is always filled with these goodies.

2.Chocolate Chip Cookies. I have a cookie monster at home and he loves his chocolate chip cookies like he loves me. (Well, I go first, I guess. hahaha)

3. Chocovron. Ah, another one of those treats that my love gets giddy about so easily. This magic polvoron, especially the cookies and cream flavour can easily turn even his worst days around and I’ve come to love it too.

4. Chicharon. Case in point: you’re never truly Filipino if you don’t love chicharon. My love, however, has a serious love affair with this Pinoy snack. I absolutely love eating chicharon too because it’s not only so good but it also brings back great memories of my Grandpa buying so much of this snack back when I was a child. 🙂

5. Pasta. I love making pasta dishes. In fact, it’s my go-to dish whenever I run out of ideas for dinner hehehe I especially love using the Penne and Fusili type pastas because they’re easier to get al dente than the other varieties.

Halfway through. Are you hungry now? :p

6. Corned Beef. I love cooking special dishes at home but during those days when I don’t have the time to cook a full dish, I open a can of corned beef and my love is happy. hehehe He especially loves the Palm Corned Beef from Australia. It’s a little pricier than the local products but it’s so delicious, it’s worth the price.

7. Welch’s Juice. I’ve recently resolved to make my love healthier (even if I keep feeding him cookies and chicharon hehehe). I found this juice in the supermarket and tried if he would like it – and he did.

8. Speculoos Cookie Butter. If you haven’t noticed yet, my love has a sweet tooth and I am the girl who’s supportive of his cravings hehehe This is one of our splurges in the grocery but as long as it makes him happy, I’m all for making room for it in our budget. 🙂

9. Dried Fish. ‘Coz we’re Filipinos who are living in Cebu and we love our danggit. Enough said. 😛

10. Cadbury Fingers. Okay, so this one is pretty hard to find because it used to only be available in the UK so you can just imagine my happiness when I finally saw it in the shelves of Rustan’s Supermarket in Centrio Ayala Mall in Cagayan de Oro. 😀 And did I tell you that my love can eat an entire pack in one sitting? 😛

Forgive me if this list is kinda random because busy me, yes. But promise, I’ll do better. Happy Tuesday!


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