Bigby’s Cafe: Good Food, Great Memories and a Little Piece of Home

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Matt Jones

As I already mentioned here (check out #7), I love food SO much. And if you ask me if there’s one restaurant I love coming back to whether back at home or here in Cebu, it would have to be Bigby’s Cafe.

So what better way to begin this #FoodieFriday post than with why I will always love this restaurant:

Its interiors perfectly blend class and comfort.

Stepping inside Bigby’s Cafe, you’ll instantly be taken on a trip around the world. Its walls are furnished with memorabilia and posters from different countries, which make it a feast for the eyes. For someone who loves to travel, I really enjoy looking at these decor while waiting for my food. I also love that the restaurant looks and feels comfortable despite its classy interiors. I’ve been eating at Bigby’s since I was in high school and it never fails to give me that warm feeling every time I step inside its doors.

It has one of the most amazing menus with different cuisines.

Bigby’s Cafe definitely has one of the best menus in town because like its interiors, it offers a culinary tour of the different cuisines around the world, which is what exactly the owners had in mind when they built the restaurant. Believe me, I’ve tried most of their dishes and I love all of them but here are my absolute favourites (that you should try too):

1. The Ticky Wacky Salad. “A chunky salad treat with tomatoes, yellow mango, grapes, walnuts, cheese, croutons and creamy chicken salad on top of romaine lettuce”. Simply put, heaven!

2. Boomerang Shrimps. “Cajun-spiced grilled shrimp skewers with rice pilaf and garlic dip.” If you love seafood, don’t miss trying this dish.

3. Mojo Chicken Q. “Enjoy your version of the chicken barbecue, smothered with rice pilaf.” This was the first dish I tried at Bigby’s and it was really good. Plus, a great memory comes back every time I eat it. πŸ™‚ (can’t say no to nostalgia!)

4. Tapa Bai. “Spicy beef tenderloin tips served in a sizzling platter with rice.” Oh my, I can’t even begin to describe how much I love eating this dish. The beef is perfect with the sauce and the potato and carrots make it all wortwhile. (now, I’m hungry!)

Of course, I will always love Bigby’s Cafe because of all the great memories I had in this restaurant. I celebrated my college graduation here, I ate here before I took my licensure exams and yes, my love took me on this restaurant for our first official dinner date (and he didn’t even know I love Bigby’s so much!) Now you know why I said Yes to you, buddy! hahaha Finally, I can’t deny the amazing feeling I have every time I eat at Bigby’s simply because it’s like a little piece of home for me. I can’t wait to make more memories here! Like they say, it’s always great to come home to Bigby’s! πŸ™‚

Drop by Bigby’s Cafe to get your fill of amazing food! You’ll never regret it. πŸ™‚ Happy Friday everyone!


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