5 Signs I’m On My Way to Tita-hood

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I follow Saab Magalona’s blog Spell Saab regularly and I really found her post about “Tita-hood so amusing (I love the realness on her posts too, you should check out her blog). πŸ™‚ It wasn’t until yesterday, however, when I realised that I could be heading the same route too. (insert mixed emotions here).

You see, I was in the Home area of a department store trying to decide which pan I should buy. In the middle of weighing the pros and cons of choosing the bigger pan over the smaller one, it suddenly dawned on me, “OMG! I think I’m on my way to tita-hood!” So, to begin my #MiscMondays posts, I’ve pondered upon five signs that I could really be on the Tita-hood bus:

1. I consider grocery shopping an important life event.Β I’ve always loved grocery shopping because it’s one of those places my Mom lets us get whatever we want. But my love for this errand grew even more these past few months when I already had another human being to think about at home. I always look forward to our bi-monthly grocery shopping schedules and would even have a list prepared ahead of time (though we don’t end up following it most of the time). I’ve also collected several shopping bags (yes to eco-friendly Saturdays) and have created a mini pantry to accommodate our food stash. So, if you see a girl and guy happily going through the aisles of the grocery with a cart loaded with a lot of stuff, that could be us. πŸ˜‰

2. I have become a fan of recipe sites.Β I love food because I am part Ilocano and the women in my family know how to cook. I am also a big fan of cooking shows like Iron Chef America, Chopped and Master Chef and I have this secret dream of becoming a chef. It wasn’t until recently though that I’ve been hooked on recipe sites – think Del Monte Kitchenomics and Food. I’ve not only been browsing them, I’ve been taking down notes and compiling my favourite recipes to try as well. Oh my, I sound like Mom.

3. I leave the office when the clock strikes 7PM.Β I work on a 10AM to 7PM shift and I used to spend a few minutes chatting to my teammates right after work. Well, not anymore. When the clock strikes 7, I’m already out the door rushing to go home because hey, I need to cook dinner. My love usually picks me up from work so that’s also one reason I leave the office immediately because I don’t want to keep him waiting. And yes, I love being at home and I want to be home right away. Tita-hood sign, check.

4. My weekends are filled with home-related tasks.Β Okay, I’ve lived on my own for the last 4 years and my weekends used to consist of three things: sleeping, eating and watching movies. These days, however, you’ll usually find me awake early to start the laundry, clean the house, organise my stuff or prepare my love’s things for his basketball games. Then, I watch him play for about three hours and we head back home after to relax. I take care of his stuff again and cook dinner. We usually end our day watching TV. Very domesticated, I know.

5. I shop for home stuff more than clothes.Β Well, I’m not really a shopaholic but I do make trips to Forever 21 to splurge on some nice tops or shoes. That used to be the case. Now, my mind is all about that nice pan or those really cute cooking utensils at Daiso. My love and I also talk about buying things for the house more than clothes or shoes. Who doesn’t love new pillows and blankets, anyway?

I think I am really on my way to Tita-hood and to be quite honest, it isn’t that bad at all. I guess, it just shows that I’m already transitioning to becoming a full-grown adult who knows her priorities well. I can’t say I am good at it though. It will be a long time until I master this thing called Tita-hood or let’s say becoming a wife and homemaker. I am trying though and I am enjoying the ride. πŸ™‚


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