Basketball: Why It’s More than Just Catch and Shoot


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I know, it’s supposed to be #TravelThursday today but since I’ve been busy with my love’s birthday celebration these past few days that I haven’t had the time to edit my travel photos and of course, I’m still on a high after my favourite team Talk N’ Text Tropang Texters won the PBA Championship last night after a very intense Game 7, I thought that it would be fitting to share with you one of the articles I wrote about why I love basketball so much.

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10 Song Lines That Perfectly Fit the State of My Heart

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Corey Blaz

Being a musician, I’ve always loved listening to different songs. I don’t really mind music genres a lot because for me, when a song is good, it’s good, whether it’s Rock or Jazz. I am also very particular about lyrics because they can breathe life to a song even if it has a very simple melody. And let’s face it, great song lines can easily pierce through the heart and bring about even the emotions that you try so hard to hide.

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28 Reasons This Girl Loves Her Man


I know, I know. This is another one of those “emo” posts in this young blog of mine but like I said here , I am a hopeless romantic and a firm believer of love. So, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you that I’m cheesy and mushy.

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Bigby’s Cafe: Good Food, Great Memories and a Little Piece of Home

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Matt Jones

As I already mentioned here (check out #7), I love food SO much. And if you ask me if there’s one restaurant I love coming back to whether back at home or here in Cebu, it would have to be Bigby’s Cafe.

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Figuring Out This Thing Called Couple Travel


Caleb Ekeroth

I love to travel because what’s not to love, really? Because of my family’s set up where the parentals are assigned in different locations and I was left with my grandparents, I grew up travelling a lot so I’m used to being on the road.

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